ღ【24-25 Sep】ღ

i have no car no much friends in KL
so normally im alone all the times
23th of Sep same as usual working day
back hostel with a tired mind and body
sticked with laptop & lazy to do anything

suddenly phone rang to my ears
is my UTAR's classmate calling
so go yam cha with Cheryl and NC
can hang out make me damn excited
fast fast go take shower and move on

they bring me go the longest ever mamak i see
its located at SS2 which called MURNI
after one month at KJ only get to know this place
we reach there around 10 something near to 11
this mamak use up to few street if not mistaken
just to put their table in front of those shop lot
but it was so crowed until we cant get a space

we gave up and left there with disappointment
then go for another cafe to have our drinks
the drinks we ordered was not nice at all
luckily we dint order for food otherwise..
after that we decided back to Murni again
finally we managed to get a table

nasi lemak sudah habis by NC..
i tak sempat tangkap foto pun

NC's roti hawai.. taste good

he was eating the food so serious and.. fast enough

i order garlic cheese naan
taste not bad but too much

nice drink recommended by NC..
we order the same but i forgot what is that already

cherly no order food.. diet kah...?

having our chatting over there.. ^^
left there around two something
and we get lost before reach home

saturday still have to work.. uhm
a lots of work need to be done
well i wear casual until like this
no manager in office on that day
struggling with Spansion's report

after work go SS2 for lunch with two of them
Cherly said there have a famous noodle must try
but when we reach there it already sold out

i order this beef bla bla bla.. not nice one

Cherly's bla bla bla... dunno what is that
then back to my condo for me to take shower
after that we heading to Sunway Pyramid

i tried matcha redbean milk tea at Chatime.. nice

happy Chatime so its time for shopping

buy this one piece skirt in other color
but after bought i found it quite short for me
ends up i never wear it once until now

PL and KY reached and they go for Chatime also
after that we continue for our shopping journey

we had our dinner at Bar.B.Q Plaza
the two ladies busy for the food choices
it was big contrast compare to three of us

drink cocktail at Over Time Tropicana Mall
5 persons using poker card to play games
penalty is drink Cherly's drink which is suck

had our breakfast at Taman Desa
it is a fish head noodle SDN BHD
taste good but the service need to improve
after that we move on to Midvalley
bought a bag at Isetan with 50% discount

had our snowflake at Midvalley
after that PL and KY have to leave
so finished our short gathering time
thanks four of them filled my weekand.. ❤

ps : this post was in draft for two month already
i really dont like to write in english.. im so lazy..
another reason is my english is so so poor..
so.. *thinking of something* hiak hiak

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